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of Scandinavia

DaVid of Scandinavia - a Middle Eastern dance artist, choreographer and dance coach.

Norwegian by birth and East Indian by heritage, DaVid trained in Punjabi Folk dances from an early age under his father, Ustad Tarlochan Singh, former member of the award winning Layllpur Khalsa College Bhangra Team. A performer since childhood, DaVid became known for his precise technique, delicacy in artistry and expressive finesse along with his refined musical sense.

Being one of the earlier male dancers to establish an international presence; DaVid toured extensively 2000-2019 in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Ukraine, England, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Canada and in the United States for performance and coaching engagements.

​DaVid also conducted dance instruction through his dance academy and through online services specializing in the more professional and educational levels of dance. He authored and published study materials for Middle Eastern dance. DaVid's coaching abilities  regularly had him involved in projects of all sizes as a consultant. In 2010, he coached and choreographed for the Bellydance Superstars for their Bombay Bellywood show. DaVid's articles have been published in international magazines and webzines. He also co-hosted shows and events with renowned instructors.

Students of DaVid have continued on to become internationally touring dance artists, studio owners, dance instructors, touring company members, competition winners, and featured instructors at international festivals. His choreographies continue to be featured in dancers' seasonal repertoires, by dance companies, and by dancers for performances and competitions.

Throughout his career DaVid was a featured artist and teacher at multiple international festivals and stages including Oslo Oriental Dance Festival, Stockholm Bellydance Festival, Bazaar Oriental and Raqs LA. In 2014 he became the first ever Norwegian dancer to teach at the Nile Group Festival and join the Nile Group teacher team. He was featured on performance and instructional DVDs by IAMED, PeKo Records and Cheeky Girls Productions. DaVid served as judge at the Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant (USA), Shisha Party (Ukraine), Maria Shazadi Competition (Mexico), Dancer of the Year (Norway) and Stockholm Bellydance Festival (Sweden), Hot Raqs (California) and others. He was interviewed by major newspapers, magazines and TV channels in Norway, Sweden and Germany including Aftenposten - Oslo Puls, VG, Dagbladet, Se&Hør, DN på Stan, NRK, TV3 and VDR alongside features in dance publications such as the Gilded Serpent, Al Farah Magazine,
​Al Raqassa, SODA Bladet, Bazar Oriental, Nafoura Magazine, Revista Shimmie, Noticias Nur, Danza Oriente and Bellydance Japan.

DaVid received his training in Middle Eastern dance with Ms. Safa (USA/Norway), Ms. Dr. Lee Figenschow (Norway), Ms. Lena Helt (Sweden) and dance dignitaries from Egypt, Norway, Sweden and USA. He pursued studies with numerous teachers and coaches in Middle Eastern dance. DaVid - an acknowledged mentor himself -  continuously received the generous guidance and support of many of the Egyptian, Norwegian, Swedish, and American dance elite mentors. DaVid studied movement and Ideokinesis with John Diaz.

DaVid's dance work evolved within Egyptian Raqs Sharki, Saiidi, Balady, Shaabi and Khaleeg dances (dances from the Arabian Gulf). His multifaceted background and investigative nature also brought Kathak, Baratha Natyam, Silk Road Dances, Ballet, Modern, Ballroom, Latin, Oriental Tanzi, Turkish Romani, American Cabaret, American Tribal Style, and American Tribal Fusion in to his exploration. He continues to be a strong advocate of Ideokinesis and Yoga.

In 2019, after 35 years of dancing and a fulltime professional career spanning 20 years, dance took on a part-time role in DaVid's life focusing on limited exclusive instruction for dancers looking for an deeper and excelled training path. DaVid now pursues his passion for cultural exchange and travel through a career in Tourism.

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