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The Beautiful Garden Isle of Kauai

Raqs Tiki is a relaxed and wonderful event that reflects the casual atmosphere of the island. Being surrounded with so much nature and beauty, and wonderful opportunities for outdoor recreation, you'll find yourself slowing your pace, wearing little to no makeup, and letting your hair find it's natural state of beach waves. Instead of packing lots of resort wear, pack your bathing suit (or 2), shorts, tees, one pair of pants, 1 or 2 light summer dresses, a lightweight sweatshirt (cuz you never know what the weather will be... Mother Nature is like that), and your dance class attire, and if you're in the Showcase, your costume. Almost anything can be purchased on the island, but if you want to bring sunscreen and a few of your favorite snacks you may find yourself saving some money. 

We encourage our Raqs Tiki participants to share accommodations with other dancers. We can guide you toward condo shares and Air BnB, and can try to hook you up with other interested roomies. To stay close to our workshops, our Showcase, and Command Central (Talia's home), let's find you a place to stay in Princeville, which is located on the North Shore, close to heavenly Hanalei Bay.

We love the view from Hanalei Bay Resort, and the grounds are beautiful. They have hotel-type rooms, or privately rented condos by owners. It's located right in Princeville, and is only a few minutes away from the workshops, Command Central, and the venue for the Showcase.

Things to do in Kauai when you're not in dancing your heart out in workshops:


Below are listed a few of the fun things to do while on the island. We will list a few resources, but can't say we've used all of them personally. There are lots of free activities do do, from hiking and swimming and lounging about, to pricey adventures of a lifetime. If you can plan ahead and reserve your spot in any organized activities, you may save yourself some disappointment of them being booked full. 


What sorts of things do you love to do? There are a vast amount of adventurous and exciting things to do on the island, as well as activities that are relaxed and island-style chill.

Check out a few of these sites to whet your appetite!

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