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Raqs Tiki Kokua Scholarship

Scholarship Due Date (NO late entries) by midnight on March 10th,  2023

What is Kokua? (Pronounced Kō kū ah)

Kokua is a Hawaiian word that has a very simple meaning—to help. You may see signs asking for your kokua to help keep the beach clean. 

However, like other Hawaiian words kokua also has a much deeper layer of meaning which revolves around a desire to help others without any expectation of receiving anything in return. It also reflects the Hawaiian spirit of community, the idea that we can and should rely on each other to help build a strong community. You may find islanders offering you kokua. Accept it with a meaningful "Mahalo" (thank you), and pay it forward. 

SCHOLARSHIP FOR RAQS TIKI 2022 will be awarded on March 17, 2023.

This scholarship is Raqs Tiki's way to pay forward all the goodness that has come our way throughout the years. We hope to share the joy of dance and education, and aloha to a dancer who needs a little help to keep dancing and learning. 

What does the scholarship include (and what it does not include): The Raqs Tiki Kokua Scholarship includes the price of the entire workshop package (The Total Tiki @ $450.00) 

Please note all other expenses are NOT included in the Scholarship (travel expenses, food, accommodations, the Luau, the Glittering Gala, or photo shoot). Recipient accepts all responsibility for all other expenses.

There is no financial compensation if the recipient can not, for whatever reason, attend Raqs Tiki 2023


Recipient also agrees not to hold Raqs Tiki, it's owners, agents, volunteers, or assistants responsible for any injuries, cancelations of events, or damage to self or property. We will do everything we can to ensure we hold our event, however circumstances, as we all know these days, can certainly change due to unprecedented times. Weather events, COVID, illness, these can all impact our best laid plans. 

Judges choice is final. If the top recipient is not able to utilize the scholarship for Raqs Tiki 2023, they must advice Raqs Tiki administration by May 1st, 2023. The award will be offered to the next recipient by top score. 

How to apply: 

Please tell us, in approximately 500 words what dancing has brought to your life, and why receiving this scholarship award would help you on your dance journey. Email to

Scholarship Due Date (NO late entries) by midnight on March 10, 2023 

Testimonial by Theresa S. our 2022 scholarship winner

In 2022 I was fortunate enough to be selected for a scholarship to study Belly Dance at Raqs Tiki in Kuaui. I now know why people love Hawaii I was lucky to study with some of the best belly dance instructors in the world. (Oh and I won a prize for being the farthest traveler! :)) Talia Soleil, words can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for the opportunity. I’m forever grateful to you for the experience and thanks for giving me the gift of being at your home and experiencing the culture of Kokua- helping others without any expectation of receiving anything in return. I LOVE belly dance workshops, and so whenever I go, I try to remember to bring back at least one piece of knowledge or advice from my instructors. My notebook was full of priceless tidbits from these experienced, patient, and knowledgeable instructors. From spatial awareness and the power of the mind to sizzling zills, I learned so much that I was able to immediately incorporate into my dance. It taught me to step outside of the box and push past my biases and preconceived notions. I highly recommend the Raqs Tiki Kauai Belly Dance Intensive as a dance experience and as a laid-back paradise, so sign up this year!

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