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Talia Soleil

Talia Soleil is the founder, sponsor and producer of Raqs Tiki Kaua'i Belly Dance Intensive. Inspired by the beauty of the island and the passion of belly dance, she brought her two loves together and created this beautiful event in hopes to offer a relaxed, fun, friendly environment for learning, expanding our community, and growing in dance. 


The world of Belly Dance has been a magical journey for Talia. A place where she feels everyone is welcome, and everyone can access and enjoy the movements. This has been her main focus of study for 24 years. Always a student as well as a being a master instructor, Talia continues her studies and is a is a current student of David of Scandinavia and Vanessa of Cairo. Her legacy of Belly Dance began in 2000 with Sirens in Sanity in Benicia, and then with the Suhaila School of Dance. Other influential instructors and mentors include Amani Jabril,  Andalee Owens, and Judy Reda. 


As a multi-award winning belly dancer for both solo and troupe categories, Talia now enjoys being a judge for competitions, and instructing classes and workshops both at home and abroad. 


The founder and owner of Red Door Dance Studio for 12 years, and director of Dansoleil Belly Dance Theater, Talia has been proud to offer hundreds of students a way to follow their passion, grow in their dance, and guide them to believe in themselves. 

As a Certified Posture Educator, and with being a fitness professional since her early 20's, Talia is excited to help clients of all ages achieve comfort, strength and mobility in their bodies. 


As a proud member of Dangerous Beauties Belly Dance, a collaborative project made up of professional dancers who portray the strong women who have shaped our world through history, literature, art, and film, Talia finds this the perfect platform for her theatrical whimsy. Whether she is playing Jackie Kennedy, Bonnie Parker, Pele, Tina Turner, or Marilyn Monroe, Talia is able to create evocative and creative pieces that fulfill her heart, and keep the audience coming back.

Talia would like to thank all her previous, and current instructors, all her students, and her awesomely sweet and super-supportive husband (Mr. Raqs Tiki, the Belly Dance Husband and co-producer) family and friends for her inspiration and freedom to dance.

Talia hopes that you will join us for Raqs Tiki. Everyone is welcome as a dancer or member of the audience. 

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