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Talia Soleil

Talia Soleil is the founder, sponsor and producer of Raqs Tiki. Dancing her way through life, she has enjoyed studying Ballroom, Jazz, Ballet, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Hula, African, and of course, Belly Dance. She is also a multi-award winning belly dancer, choreographer and former fitness champion. The founder and owner of Red Door Dance Studio, Talia is proud to offer hundreds of students a way to follow their passion, grow in their dance, and help guide these new artists to believe in themselves. 

Talia studied theater, and has been involved in both community and college productions, and loves to combine the skills of dance and dramatic arts in her art form. 

As a life-long student of movement and dance, and an instructor for over 40 years, Talia continues to learn and grow, often traveling worldwide to "fill her cabinets" with knowledge, passion, and new friendships. Teaching workshops, or taking workshops, Talia enjoys them both equally.

As artistic director, choreographer and director of the award winning Dansoleil Belly Dance Theater, she trains all levels of dancers to reach their highest potential.

As a member of Dangerous Beauties Belly Dance, a collaborative project made up of professional dancers who portray the strong women who have shaped our world through history, literature, art, and film, she finds the perfect platform for her theatrical whimsy. Whether she is playing Jackie Kennedy, Bonnie Parker, Pele, Tina Turner, or Marilyn Monroe, Talia is able to create evocative and creative pieces that fulfill her heart, and keep the audience coming back. She is also excited to have been a workshop presenter at the Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance Summer School in 2018 and 2019, and looks forward to returning. 


As a bi-coastal girl (Kauai and California she is thrilled to be able to combine two of her loves...Belly Dance and Kauai, and hopes Raqs Tiki continues to grow and thrive. Her love of sharing her passion for dance and keeping the Arts alive will continue to drive her forward, no matter where she lands her dance shoes. 

Talia would like to thank all her previous, and current instructors, all her students, and her awesomely sweet and super-supportive husband (Mr. Raqs Tiki, the Belly Dance Husband and co-producer) family and friends for her inspiration and freedom to dance.


alia would also like to thank her Raqs Tiki Assistant, Crystal Ravenwolf. The title "She Who Must Be Obeyed" is lovingly bestowed upon her beautiful head. She has been an amazing helper who has worked tirelessly with me every year that Raqs Tiki has been produced. Without her support and love of the island, her friendship and 'burisness brain', Raqs Tiki would be a disorganized mess. Thank you to Crystal!

Talia hopes that you will join us for Raqs Tiki. Everyone is welcome as a dancer or member of the audience. 

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