A note from Talia Soleil 

I was one of those kids who had my head in the lofty clouds. I was a day dreamer who doodled in class. I read voraciously, produced "grand" neighborhood shows, put on carnivals and parades, and wrote lots of silly stories and bad poetry. As a young teen I wrote fanciful and epic (fake) "journals" about my future self. My glamorous life included  exotic world travel, lively adventures and silly antics with great friends. There was always an especially sweet romance, as well as a "joie de vivre" in my approach to life.


As I think back to those formative years, I have a sneaky hunch I was creating the story board for the life I wanted to live....because  much of it has come true. (I am so thankful I didn't write horror stories!) My life has been such an amazing adventure so far, and I'm so thankful and grateful for parents who nurtured my creative spirit. I'm beyond thrilled that I'm able to continue dreaming and creating because I am surrounded with amazing, smart, loving, and supportive people who believe in me (Thank you to my extraordinary husband, my creative son, my sweetest friends and family, my mentors, and my students). I think we all need to keep dreaming and writing stories about who we want to be, and where we want to go. "Create the life you want." Say those words again, for they are magic.


One of my favorite "journal entries" was about living on a tropical island, although a bit more "Swiss Family Robinson" than I care to play with, now. But I seemed to intuit that I would one day live in Hawaii. My dream did come true, and I am thankful and grateful that Kauai is a place I can now call my 2nd "Home". As a part time resident of the North Shore for the past 15 years I deeply love this land, the life style and the culture. There is no place like this island...the feeling I get in Hawaii resonates in my soul.


Raqs Tiki has been held in Kauai for the first few years, offering dancers an opportunity to fall in love with the gorgeous garden island and its people. In response to the many requests for Raqs Tiki to be brought to California, we joyfully extend the aloha spirit to bring you some of our Island feel. We will bring Raqs Tiki back to the island next year. Enjoy the California Dreamin' Raqs Tiki, and see you in Kauai in 2018. It will not only advance your dance, but it will RAQ your world.


Me ka aloha pumehana (with warm aloha),




 "Love doesn't make the world go 'round . Love is what makes the ride worthwile."  

                                                                                            - Franklin P. Jones