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Raqs Tiki Q & A:


Where do workshop attendees stay?

Everyone had a fantastic time last year in condo-shares. Some of the ladies had 4 to a condo, making it quite affordable! Posted below are links to browse for accommodations that fit your budget and personal needs. Talia can help you find a roomie, if you would like to share. Or invite your friends!


We recommend staying in Princeville, which is where all of our workshops, and hafla are based. Princeville is only about a 10 minute drive to beautiful Hanalei Bay, which is one of the world's finest beaches. Princeville is on the "North Shore", which is about an hour drive from the aiport in Lihue.


Links to accommodations (Condos and home rentals):

M. Kauai Vacation Rentals

Kauai Vacation Rentals


Princeville Hotels:

Westin Princeville

Princeville  (quite expensive, but beautiful, with beach access )

Hanale Bay Resort (hotel rooms available, as well as condos and private rentals...lovely grounds with beach access)


Do I need to rent a car?

It is highly recommended to have a car at your disposal. Because Princeville is about an hour away from the airport, and not considered a big city, public transport to get around may prove tricky. Normally a few dancers will get together to share a car. You'll be happy to have wheels to cruise to the beach when ever the mood strikes you.


Links to car rentals:

Discount Hawaii car rental




Will anyone meet me at the airport?

If you're traveling alone, and feel anxious about arriving alone, please talk to Talia. We are a small group of volunteers who will be working hard to put this all together, but we don't want anyone to feel like a Lone Ranger. If you need us, we will come get you. Know that Kauai is a relaxed place full of kind people. It's not difficult to get to the car rental agency, and not hard to find Princeville.


I want to explore the island. How do we book excursions?

There are so many things to do in Kauai! You may want to stay longer than the Intensive to do some exploring.

Check back often because Talia will keep adding links.


Link to activities and excursions:



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