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Vanessa of Cairo

Vanessa is an international performing artist, instructor & choreographer whose credits include regularly teaching at the

Nile Group Festival in Cairo.


Residing in Cairo, she instructs private / group classes in all styles including many of the Egyptian folklore dances. 


In addition to daily nightclub shows,

she is contracted in many Five Star hotels including The Four Seasons, The Hyatt, The Marriott, Hilton Dreams,

Hilton Sharks Bay, Hilton Waterfalls, Maritime/Jollieville, Helnan, Kiroseiz,

Sonesta Beach, Melia Sharm, Melia Sinai, Holliday Village, Nubian Island, and others.

Issam Houshan

Issam was born in Syria and emigrated to the U.S. 24 years ago. He had formal music training in the Damascus Academy of Music and went on to drum for a host of Arab music stars and famous bellydancers. He is also the only remaining disciple of the legendary Arab drum master Mahmood Salahadeen. In the U.S. he performed with Sting on the Grammy's and with the BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS in over879 shows in 20 countries. Issam's background, training and experience have made him in huge demand for drum tutorials and workshops. He does these both on his own and in conjunction with bellydance instructors especiallyJillina,Sonia,Amar Gamal,Bozenka,Aziza,Rachel Brice,Sharon Kihara,Kami Little,Zoe Jacks,..and more.

Talia Soleil

Talia Soleil is the founder, sponsor, and producer of Raqs Tiki. Dancing her way through life, she has enjoyed studying Ballroom, Jazz, Ballet, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Hula, African, and of course, Belly Dance. She is also a multi-award-winning belly dancer, choreographer, and former fitness champion. The founder and owner of Red Door Dance Studio, Talia is proud to offer hundreds of students a way to follow their passion, grow in their dance, and help guide these new artists to believe in themselves. 

Crystal Ravenwolf

Crystal Ravenwolf is an award-winning belly dance star and world-renowned psychic from California's Central Valley known for her dynamic stage presence. Dance has always been a big part of her life and in 2002 while attending the Sierra Performing Arts Academy she was introduced to Middle Eastern Dance taught by the amazing Andalee who soon began to mentor her. Crystal became a principal dancer, soloist, and choreographer for Andalee’s Eastern Sun Dance Company where she danced until 2013.


Director of the acclaimed Dangerous Beauties dance troupe and Co-director of Troupe Scimitar, Surreyya is a an award-winning, international performer and instructor. She sings in English and Turkish, and dances regularly solo as well as with several world fusion and rock bands. 
Surreyya’s performance is full of excitement, and is inspired by Egyptian, Turkish and American Tribal flavors of dance, and she is known for her skills in sword dancing and zill playing (finger cymbals). She has performed for the cast of Cirque du Soleil and is an annual entertainer for Apple, Sandisk and Yahoo corporations and other national and international festivals.  Surreyya has her BA in dance is currently working toward her masters. She is a LEAP program awardee via Saint Mary's College of Moraga, CA.  She received her Dance Major Degree at CCSF, is a certified Pilates, Barre and TRX instructor and holds a Guinness Book World Record in Roller Skating.


DeVilla is a prolific and multi-award winning Middle Eastern dancer based in Los Angeles, known for her polished and dramatic stage presentations.  

Devilla’s performances have been said to be dynamic, mixing contemporary raqs sharqi innovation with classical Egyptian inspiration. Devilla works both locally and nationally as a soloist and troupe leader. She has held the title of Artistic Director for a multitude of troupes, and currently leads Sekhmet Dance Company, established 2010. Devilla and Sekhmet Dance Company have performed at events such as Cairo Caravan on The Queen Mary, A Night of World Dance at PCC Center for the Arts, and in Jillina’s nationally touring show The Wonderful Wizard of Oz at the Colony Theatre. Even so, Devilla and the Sekhmets may be best known for producing the Siren Sundays dinner showcase, which sold out seating for four years at Moun of Tunis Restaurant--a hub for North African culture for over 40 years. 


Andalee is a multi-award winning performer from Clovis, CA and the winner of  "Project Belly Dance: Season 1”, produced by Cheeky Girls Productions.  She has been studying Middle Eastern Dance and music for 20 years taking classes, workshops, and intensives from prestigious instructors along with Arabic language classes, traveling in the Mid East, teaching, and drumming. She also produces the annual event HOT RAQS Belly Dance Festival and Competition in Clovis, CA with her Husband, drummer, Mike Owens.

Sammie of Hawaii

"Sammie is a belly dance instructor and performer on the island of Oahu. She directs anywhere from 3-5 performance troupes, and has had the honor of serving as Middle Eastern Dance Artists of Hawaii (MEDAH) President from 2019-2021. She currently serves as a member-at-large for 2023. 

Sammie's love for belly dance began when she joined the student organization, Hill and Veil at Virginia Tech in Spring of 2007. For the rest of her time as an undergraduate and graduate student, Sammie remained involved with belly dance as a way to stay active, relieve stress, and make lifelong friendships - things that she hopes to provide to all of her dance students. Her somewhat atypical journey through dance has played a starring role in her perspective and development as a dancer, as well as her priorities when teaching. In her other life, Sammie holds a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction (another unique factor impacting her teaching style), and is a professor for University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu. 

Garden Nile, directed by Nelleke, is a local group of beauties who come together to share their love of dance. They bring grace and elegance to every stage they appear on and are adored by the Raqs Tiki crew.


Joyful Hips is a Tribal Belly Dance Collective with a focus on group improvisations. These beauties are a local troupe led by a Kauai favorite, Stephanie. This style of dance builds trust between the members and delivers joy to all who experience it.

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