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Vanessa of Cairo

Vanessa is an international performing artist, instructor & choreographer whose credits include regularly teaching at the

Nile Group Festival in Cairo.


Residing in Cairo, she instructs private / group classes in all styles including many of the Egyptian folklore dances. 


In addition to daily night club shows,

she is contracted in many Five Star hotels including The Four Seasons, The Hyatt, The Marriott, Hilton Dreams,

Hilton Sharks Bay, Hilton Waterfalls, Maritime/Jollieville, Helnan, Kiroseiz,

Sonesta Beach, Melia Sharm, Melia Sinai, Holliday Village, Nubian Island and others.


Previously based for six years in Sharm El Sheikh, one of Egypt's most prized ​tourist

destinations, Vanessa is believed to be the

first and only (American) woman to start a production company in Egypt.


Her company,Vanessa Show Productions, 

provides a variety of group dance shows

specializing in Egyptian folklore, and has branched out to offer International, Latin

and Oriental Dance shows. Her dancers

are from Egypt and all over the world.


She and her company have been featured in numerous music videos, and performed for many special events, including the renowned Peace Conference which brought all world leaders together in Sharm El Sheikh.

Vanessa, a native Texan, received her BFA

in Ballet from Texas Christian University.

She led a dual life teaching and performing classical dance genres as well as training

in Danse Orientale, and then went on

to dance in New York City for eight years. 


In addition to performing in musical theater, off-Broadway plays and varied acting roles, she also trained with Ann Reinking, Gwen Verdon and Gregory Hines in conjunction with The Broadway Theatre Project.  Her teaching credentials include performing

arts camps for children and the Boys and

Girls Club of America.  TV credits include America's Next Top Model and the WE (Women's Entertainment) Network.  


She established herself as an in demand

NY area Oriental Dancer performing in all

the top venues and became well known and

respected in the NYC dance community.


Her Danse Orientale training includes

such greats as: Mahmoud Reda, Dr. Mo Geddawi, Hassan Afifi, Raquia Hassan,

FiFi Abdo, Dina, Lucy, and Aida Nour.


Vanessa moved to Egypt in 2008, where she has been successfully working ever since. 


To learn more about Vanessa and her experience in Egypt, check out her

exclusive interview with Isis Zahara at

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