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Hypnotic tools for Dancers

Christina (Maharet) Hughes 


2022 Graduated Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI),

( the first Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy located in Tarzana, California)


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very powerful tools that can treat a vast array of issues and conditions.


Hypnotherapy is a natural and organic process of tapping into the power of your own mind to achieve your self-improvement goals.  Many people think of hypnotherapy only for use with habits such as stop smoking or losing weight.  While it certainly is good for those, the power of the mind has no limits for personal application. In this class, I will cover when and how hypnosis can benefit you as a performer,  I will go over some “self Hypnosis techniques” that you can use at home. 


I will cover what Hypnosis is and how it works.


Hypnosis Can Explore the Potentials of Dancers


Hypnosis Can Relieve the Anxiety of Dancers


Hypnosis Can Reduce the Fears of Dancers


Hypnosis Can Help Dancers Learn and Improve Their Technique


Hypnosis Can Help Dancers Quickly Relieve Fatigue and Restore Energy


Hypnosis Can Help With Sleep


The class will conclude with a guided Imagery group session.

To Purchase this workshop, contact Maharet at:

Christina Hughes


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