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Crystal Ravenwolf

Crystal Ravenwolf is an award winning belly dance star and world renown psychic from California's Central Valley known for her dynamic stage presence. Dance has always been a big part of her life and in 2002 while attending the Sierra Performing Arts Academy she was introduced to Middle Eastern Dance taught by the amazing Andalee who soon began to mentor her. Crystal became a principal dancer, soloist, and choreographer for Andalee’s Eastern Sun Dance Company where she danced until 2013.

Crystal now tours all over Performing,Teaching Workshops and Judging at some of the most reputable festivals and competitions in North America like Hot Raqs in Clovis, Ca. produced by her mentor Andalee and Mike Owens, and she has been a part of Raqs Tiki Belly Dance Intensive in Kauai, Hawaii from its conception. She also teaches weekly classes in Hanford, Ca and is a proud member of The Dangerous Beauties.

Crystal is an island favorite in her metaphysical aspect and as always will be offering Tarot Readings and Healings. For more info visit: Tarot Readings by Crystal here in our Raqs Tiki site

For info on Crystal's Tarot Readings, Forthcoming Books, Workshops, and other magickal & dance adventures follow her at:

Photo by Maharet Hughes

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