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Raqs Tiki Covid 19 Information


Important Information regarding traveling to Kauai and COVID 19


If we’ve learned anything from these past two years it’s that life is unpredictable. Try as we may to control our lives, sometimes we aren’t the ones in the driver’s seat. In light of COVID-19, Raqs Tiki will be taking necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable event. You are encouraged to stay updated on the travel restrictions for Hawaii, and consider purchasing refundable airline tickets. We sincerely have every intention of holding our event, but we also know things can change.


Currently (November 2021) travelers are required to have either a current vaccination card, OR a negative COVID test 72 hours before flight to the island. We will do our best to keep you current with Hawaii state information.


In an abundance of caution and care for our attendees and their families, we are, as of this point, requiring masks over your mouth and nose during the event. Performers on stage will not have to wear a mask. Please consider this before agreeing to attend our event. We love you and want to share ALOHA, but not COVID.


Here is the site you should familiarize yourself with for travel to Hawaii. All travelers MUST register your travel information and vaccination and/or testing with the state site. 


Check back to the following site often to see the current information!


We understand this process may feel overwhelming. Mr. Tiki (Talia’s hubby) and Talia have been back and forth from the island several times since COVID, so they can help guide you. It truly is not difficult, and you’ll find you can easily navigate the site once you sit with it for a few minutes and get familiar with it. But we can hold your hand if you need. Please let us know. Don’t wait for the last minute. As soon as you have your reservations, call us. (Talia (925) 766-1478)

Should we have to cancel Raqs Tiki, please know you’ll receive a full refund for your Total Tiki package, or your individual workshop purchases however Raqs Tiki is not responsible financially for your accommodations or travel expenses, or any other expenses incurred to attend our event.

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