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Raqs Tiki Belly Dance Competition 2017

Drum Solo Dancer of the Year Competition!

Preliminaries- Friday, July 28, 2017  @  7:00pm

Finals- Saturday, July 29, 2017  @ 5:30pm 

First Place $500 Cash

Registration Open Now! Sign up today!

Dancers, come share your skill, poise, and talent in the exciting Raqs Tiki Drum Soloist of the Year Competition.

Competitors will have the opportunity to dance to a recorded drum solo of their choice during the Preliminaries. Dancers advancing to the Finals will have the thrilling experience of competing to a live, improvisational drum solo by world renown and highly respected drummer, Issam Houshan. This experience will be invaluable and truly epic!

Our goal is to host an event where every competitor feels welcome, valuable, and excited to reach a new level of personal excellence. Personal growth is one of the most important goals a dancer can strive for in their art, and competition generally fuels this desire for elevating skills and technique. Every competitor is a winner, whether a trophy is added to the shelf, or not. Challenging yourself will improve your dance, and the new memories you bring home will last a lifetime! See you on the dance floor!


Raqs Tiki Drum Soloist of the Year 2017

First Place Winner receives:

$500.00 cash prize

Trophy and Title

Free Entry into Raqs Tiki Workshops 2018 *

Free Workshops and entry into the Competition at Hot Raqs 2018, located in Central California *

Hard Raqs Café CD by Issam Houshan and Martin Beal featuring Talia Soleil

2nd Place Winner receives:

$150.00 cash prize

Trophy and Title

3rd Place Winner receives:


Trophy and Title

* Please note there is no financial compensation for travel or expenses related to any of the above events, or if the winner is unable to attend any of the above listed events, or if the events are canceled due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Entry fee: $85.00 ($65 for dancers who sign up for the "Full Raqs Tiki Package" by July 14,  2017)

Criteria, Rules and Important Info:


Dancers should be 18 years old, or over on or before July 29, 2017.


Raqs Tiki  Drum Soloist of the Year 2017 is open to soloists of any style of Belly Dance, including, but not limited to Raqs Sharqi, Cabaret, Folkloric, Tribal, Fantasy, Fusion, Tribal Fusion and more. During Preliminaries any drum solo music is allowed, but it must be family friendly (no explicit language). Keep in mind this is a Belly Dance Competition, so if your dance is fusion it should still contain enough belly dance that our judges can judge upon Belly Dance technique, skill, and artistry .


Preliminaries: Dancers choose their own recorded drum solo. Please send music for the Preliminaries as an MP3 to no later than July 14, 2017.  Each competitor should keep their performance time under 5 minutes. Please include your legal name, stage name and contact info with your music. This should include your cell phone number and email address.

FINALISTS will return on Saturday, July 29 to compete. Music will be played by Issam Houshan. This will be an improvisational drum solo of approximately 4 minutes. Dancers must not contact Issam before the competition.

Stage Lighting:

All competitors will enjoy the same “basic” lighting.


Our judges are renowned instructors and professional dancers who take their art seriously. They are encouraging, friendly and understand the nerves involved in competing, however, judges should not be approached before or during the competition, and should be highly respected. Any remarks or disrespect against a judge will not be tolerated. Competitors will be disqualified, and/or lose their title and awards. Judges will confer and make a final determination in case of a tie, and all decisions are final. Please do NOT contact Issam Houshan regarding the Improv Drum piece before the competition. Any pre-competition discussion regarding music with Issam will call for automatic dismissal of that competitor, and refunds for any fees or expenses incurred will NOT be available.

Judging: Contestants will be judged on the following, and may receive up to 50 points.

Technique & Ability: Up to 10 points

The quality, skill and technique of the dancer’s movements and transitions, along with grace, and sophistication of movement. Was the stage space used appropriately? Were the entrance and exit pleasing to you?

Musical Interpretation: Up to 10 points

How the dancer chooses to interpret their music, and the moves they choose should express the music effectively, and should reflect the mood of the music. If finger cymbals are used, they are considered part of Musical Interpretation, and the skill with which they are played will also be judged. Dancers should not lose points for dancing without zills.

Costuming: Up to 10 points

Does the costume fit well, and flatter the dancer? Is it appropriate for the style of the dance? Is the makeup and hair neat and show quality (Please consider that we are in a small facility, so hugely dramatic makeup may not be appropriate. However, the dancer should still appear professional and "show ready".)

Stage Presence: Up to 10 points

How the dancer engages and lights up the stage. How does the dancer affect you emotionally? Was the performance technically correct, but emotionally lacking? Did you feel engaged by the dancer? Were you taken on a journey that helped you forget yourself?

Overall Appeal: Up to 10 points

Your heartfelt reaction to the dancer and their performance. Were you entertained and swept away in the moment? Did the overall impression of the dancer speak to you? Consider the entire package....costuming, staging, mood, stage personality, and entertainment value.  What is the level of professionalism?

Important Info for Competitors:

Competitors only allowed in the dressing room.

Cover-ups must be worn over your costume when not performing.

Please stay in costume until winners have been announced.

No smoking, drinking, or illicit drugs.

Clean the dressing room before you leave.

Practice kindness to all competitors, judges, volunteers and audience members.

Competitors should read the following waiver before they register.


Waiver: (Please read before registering. A hard copy will need to be signed when you arrive for the competition)

General Guidelines

Acknowledgment, Liability, and Release:
Please take some time to read the General Liability and Releases before registering to compete. All competitors, including each member will be required to sign a hard copy upon checking in at the competition.

Notice to All Participants:
Please be advised that you are participating in the Raqs Tiki Belly Dance 2017 Competition at your own risk. You are solely responsible for any and all expenses related to injuries and/or loss or damage of personal property incurred in connection with your participation in the Raqs Tiki Drum Soloist of the Year Belly Dance 2017 Competition.


Acknowledgement and Releases:
By signing this document, I acknowledge that I am participating in the Raqs Tiki Belly Dance 2017 Competition (Hereafter known/referred to as RTBDC) at my own will and at my own risk.

I represent that I am in good health and am physically able to participate in RTBDC. Should I be injured during RTBDC, I hereby grant permission to RTBDC and its officials to arrange for my transportation to a hospital and/or administer immediate first aid as deemed necessary.

I agree to hold the City of Brentwood Talia Soleil, Raqs Tiki Belly Dance Intensive, RTBDC, Antonia Todd, William Todd, Red Door Dance Studio, Heidi and Ed Calvin, Warren Properties, and all directors, officers, employees, volunteers, representatives, individuals and entities from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, expenses (including attorneys’ fees and all court and litigation costs) and liability resulting from injury of any person or damage to or loss of any property arising out of my participation, or lack thereof, in RTBDC.

I hereby authorize Raqs Tiki Belly Dance Competition to use my name and/or likeness, by way of photograph and/or résumé, to publicize RTBDC in any manner deemed appropriate by RTBDC officials.

I acknowledge and agree that any videos and/or motion pictures taken of me by RTBDC officials during or in connection with RTBDC, whether captured by way of film, or digital media, are the irrevocable and exclusive property of Raqs Tiki Belly Dance Competition. I agree that digital photographs taken of me by the authorized RTBDC photographer will be non-exclusively licensed to both me and to Raqs Tiki Belly Dance Competition. I further consent that the scope of allowed uses is limited to no use whatsoever involving the slandering of any person or party.



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